About Us

Come see the red eyed tree frog at The Reptile ZoneThe Reptile Zone’s owner, Jeff Jensen, is passionately dedicated to the preservation and education of lizards, snakes and amphibians.  He has decades of experience with reptiles and wildlife and has given his expertise to the High Desert Museum, High Desert Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, along with several other respected organizations. Jeff  is uniquely qualified to provide the public with the most respected advise and guidance on proper reptile care.  There’s really only one Bend Oregon reptile pet store you can count on to provide, not only the best animals and products, but expert advice and support whenever you need it: The Reptile Zone.

Our Bend Oregon reptile pet store carries a variety of pets to choose from, and all the supplies you need for your animals and healthy habitats. Plus, we showcase a number of unique reptiles, amphibians and other animals from around the world like a Spitting Cobra, Golden Eyelash Pit Vipers, a Gaboon Viper, a Mexican Beaded Lizard, and much, much more. Come visit us today!

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