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Reptile Pet Store Bend Oregon

Only one Bend Oregon reptile pet store can claim to be Central Oregon’s first; only The Reptile Zone is the largest, most respected reptile pet store in Oregon, east of the Cascades. The pets, products and animal food we sell is the highest quality, and that makes a big difference in the length and quality of life your beloved snakes, lizards, tortoises and other “herptile” friends will enjoy. We believe that ethical practices matter, so we only sell captive-bred, healthy and happy animals, and we operate under permitting from the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife.

Owner, Jeff Jensen, has decades of experience with reptiles and wildlife and is a trusted adviser to the High Desert Museum, High Desert Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation, and several other respected organizations. There’s really only one Bend Oregon reptile pet store you can count on to provide, not only the best animals and products, but expert advice and support whenever you need it: The Reptile Zone.Bend Oregon reptile pet store

Our Bend Oregon reptile pet store carries a variety of pets to choose from, and all the supplies you need for your animals and healthy habitats. Plus, we showcase a number of unique reptiles, amphibians and other animals from around the world like a Spitting Cobra, Golden Eyelash Pit Vipers, a Gaboon Viper, a Mexican Beaded Lizard, and much, much more!

Looking for a unique birthday party idea? The Reptile Zone will bring out pythons and giant tortoises and huge Tegu Lizards–oh my! Not only will kids love seeing and touching these gentle and beautiful animals, they’ll learn a whole lot to

o. Call us and we’ll bring our Bend Oregon reptile pet store right to your party!

Come on in to The Reptile Zone today. We’re located right off Greenwood Avenue at 542 NE Greenwood Ave, Bend, Oregon 97702. You can’t miss the big green sign!

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